Now is the time to claim the life
you love living, heal your past,
and find your inner peace
and JOY!

Are you…

Experiencing spiritual shifts and needs guidance?

Ready for profound changes in your life?

Ready to unlock your mastery and understand the language of the Universe?

Ready to take a quantum leap in your life or career?

ready to take your life into the next level?

If so…

I want to help you understand yourself better and help you
build your life by design.

I want to hold space for your healing on all levels.

Allow me to hold a mirror for you to breakdown
your false identity and stand in your truth.

Together we can design a program that’s perfect for you,
exactly where you are.

Now is the time to say YES to …

Yourself and your healing.

Learning sacred teachings from my 25 years experience.

Awakening your highest potential as a Divine Human.

Understanding your lessons on another level.

Understanding your spiritual gifts, intuition and why you are here.

You don’t have to do it Alone!

I’m Mindy Lutch

Spiritual Transformation &
Healing Life Coach

Mindy meets you where you are with no judgement, compassion and empathy to help guide you on your healing journey and awakening process. Her coaching and healing creates core level shifts by digging into the root of your issues.

Dreambuilder 12 Week Program

Manifest your dreams into reality!

This 12 week program is perfect for people who want to learn to create the life they desire with a structured program for transformation.

Learn ALL the tools necessary to co-create with the Universe to manifest and step into your highest self!

Mediation for Grounding
and Releasing Stress and Anxiety Audio

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